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LACT Units & Orifice Meters

The primary purpose of a Lease Automatic Custody Transfer unit or LACT unit is to analyze, meter and measure the quantity and quality of crude oil, water or other liquid. LACT systems allow for automatic measurement, sampling and transfer of these liquids from a wellhead or lease location to a pipeline.

Because crude oil is ultimately sold on a calculation of temperature, basic sediment and water (BS&W), API gravity, and overall volume, it is therefore critical that all of these measurements be accurate and reliable. 

LACT units, (Lease Automatic Custody Transfer), assure accurate and reliable ownership transfer of crude oil and petroleum products from the production site to trucks, pipelines, barges, tankers or storage tanks.

We offer custom design, fabrication, installation and service of oil and natural gas production and processing facilities, to completely automated or semi-automated 24-hour operation. Only proven name brand equipment,
EMERSON, Cameron, FMC, Smith, Brodie, Invalco and selected others are utilized. We can design systems with positive displacement or Coriolis metering technology. Give us a call and let us Quote you today!

CHARTS LTD Orifice Meter Tubes

Backed by our Vendors and there expertise such as TMCO SURESHOT, EMERSON, CANALTA and RJ, we can customize or provide Knowledge to meet your needs. Charts LTD Meter Tubes Significantly minimize the adverse effects of turbulence on flow measurement accuracy by expertly combining an orifice fitting (Senior, Junior, Simplex or Orifice Flange Union) and a flow conditioner or tube bundle with the appropriate upstream and downstream pipe lengths based on end user requirements. Built by qualified welders with decades of experience, Charts Ltd meter tubes adhere to the highest quality standards to ensure internal roundness, a smooth, even surface finish, and precise alignment with no steps or offsets for enhanced long-term measurement performance. Pre-assembly at the factory allows for rapid installation to save time and reduce startup costs.

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