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Test Equipment

Charts LTD offers several options to Chart Recorders. We offer the Aluminum Case that is similar to what is known as the BARTON Case. We carry a more lightweight and portable Unit in the Pelican case is the BULLFROG RECORDER see below for pics and information.


Recorders are the industry standard for accurate, reliable measurement and recording of Pressure, Differential pressure, and temperature in a variety of applications. In addition, DP models utilize rupture-proof bellows DPU as the actuating unit.


CHARTS CLPXT -Temperature and Pressure Recorder is a flexible and tough tool intended for overall temperature and pressure purposes. It registers the temperature and pressure measured on a graph of 12 inches in diameter.

The BULLFROG Is Ready For Anything.

The BULLFROG RECORDER is manufactured in Midland, Texas. Our Chart recorders are made with Genuine Pelican Cases® and are the toughest, most dependable cases in the world. Our products are assembled in the USA, Certified and Calibrated by trained technicians. 

  • Temp Range: 0-400F
  • Pressure Range: 0-30,000PSI
  • Differential:  0-400”
  • Sonceboz Programmable or Mechanical Clocks with Multiple Rotations available 
  • (Standard 820R001-60min, 96min, 12hr, 1,2,7,8,14,16,31 & 32Day)

Features & Specifications

12” Recorder Exterior Dimensions
19.78″ x 15.77″ x 7.41″ (L x W x H)

8” Recorder Exterior Dimensions
16.00″ x 13.00″ x 6.87″ (L x W x H)

  • Ultra High Impact Polycarbonate Shell
  • Open Cell Core with Solid Wall Design
  • Double-Throw Latches
  • Polymer O-Ring Waterproof Seal
  •  Large Fold down Handle
  •  Two Pad SS lockable Hasps
  •  Automatic Pressure Equalization Valve
  • Stainless Steel and Aluminum Hardware
  •  Chemical-resistant, Corrosion-resistant, Airtight, Watertight, Dust proof, Crush proof

Choose Your Color

In addition – we stock Graphic Controls chart paper and pens, chart drives and meter parts.

The BULLFROG is smaller, lightweight and Waterproof.  You can order all NEW or convert your OLD RECORDER EQUIPMENT TO LOOK LIKE NEW.  We use the main components such as your elements, thermal systems, clocks and all the guts we can salvage to save you money by updating and improving your equipment. 

CHARTS LTD this is where the name was built, where we keep one of the largest inventories in Chart Recorder Paper, Pens, Clocks and Recorder Parts  We carry variable Clocks and Pressure Ranges to suit your testing needs. Our techs can quickly convert or repair your recorder to meet your standards.  CHARTS LTD is an OEM of all the internal Parts which help to save you money and time. Please send inquire on the variables we can offer. Whether you are a Supply Store or Calibration Group for Vendor Pricing.

Test Stands

CHARTS LTD TEST STANDS are built using HYDRAULIC INTERNATIONAL INC. PUMPS, High pressure fittings and valves are MADE IN THE USA. We believe in using the Best quality to keep your business up and going with confidence.  They come with Air Dryer, Lubricator and Water Filter to keep your unit going smooth for longevity.  We can Customize to meet your Volume and Pressure.

Additel Corporation is one of the leading worldwide providers of process calibration tools. We are dedicated to designing, manufacturing, and delivering the highest quality handheld test tools and portable calibrators for process and calibration industries. For many years Additel has successfully developed automated pressure calibrators, digital pressure test gauges, digital pressure calibrators, pressure test and calibration pumps, and multifunction process calibrators. Additel products are currently used in over 60 countries worldwide. 

Product quality and customer service along with innovative engineering have been our top priorities and will continue to be our guiding principles going forward. We are committed to customer satisfaction through quality products, competitive pricing, unmatched services/technical support and continued introduction of new and innovative products.

In 1975, Taylor Valve Technologies initiated the use of high accuracy digital pressure gauges under the Vaetrix name. The rugged construction, high accuracy, and ability to measure temperature, datalogging, and portable design made it an ideal solution for several oil and gas pipeline manufacturers and contractors. Several customers use these gauges alongside or as a substitute for the traditional deadweight testers and paper chart recorders found in pipeline hydrostatic testing. Many of these gauges are still in use today. CHARTS LTD has offers an ALL In ONE Digital Gauge and CHART RECORDER so you can run a Chart and get a Digital Chart for both Records. Send on inquire for more information.

Vaetrix offers a Digital Software that can be adapted to meet your Needs.

Model 370 WECO® Hammer Union Pressure Transmitter

The industry-exclusive, ruggedly designed and engineered to effectively address demanding shock and vibration and installation challenges within the oilfield environment.  Units are directly compatible with WECO® 2”-1502, 2202, 2002 or 602 wing union fittings. Also available in multiple outputs, ranges, electrical connections, and area approvals to meet specific requirements.

model 611/612

Model 611/612 Series from GP:50 is a family of digital USB output pressure transducers with automatic temperature and pressure output recognition. The Series offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface with direct compatibility to high-speed USB 1.0 and 2.0 formats, along with 18-bit resolution and a 4.8 KHz internal measurement rate. Measured pressure values in absolute, gauge, sealed gauge or vacuum formats may be logged real-time onto any PC or mobile device without costly I/O interface board requirements. CHARTS LTD can Customize Software to fit your Company needs.

Deadweight gauges & deadweight testers

Deadweight Gauges and Deadweight Testers make possible very accurate pressure measurements by balancing the force exerted by the unknown pressure on a known area with known masses. With a Deadweight Gauge or Tester, the area is the piston, and the masses are the weights. The weights and pistons are calibrated in sets to give an accuracy of 0.05% of the calculated pressure.

The Deadweight Gauge concept: The unknown pressure is admitted at the pressure connection, pushes down on the top of the oil, and in turn forces the piston and table upward. Pascal’s Law tells us that fluid pressure is equal and undiminished in all directions. When the weights placed on the piston and table are floated and balanced, the unknown pressure connected to the Deadweight Gauge or Tester is then determined.  

relief valve or pressure relief valve (prv)

Relief valve or pressure relief valve (PRV) is a type of safety valve used to control or limit the pressure in a system; pressure might otherwise build up and create a process upset, instrument or equipment failure, or fire. The pressure is relieved by allowing the pressurized fluid to flow from an auxiliary passage out of the system. The relief valve is designed or set to open at a predetermined set pressure to protect pressure vessels and other equipment from being subjected to pressures that exceed their design limits. When the set pressure is exceeded, the relief valve becomes the “path of least resistance” as the valve is forced open and a portion of the fluid is diverted through the auxiliary route.

CHARTS LTD CAN CERT & SET LIQUID AND GAS RELIEF VALVES to your relief pressure required.  Our Multiple Vendor Relationships allows us to find and serve you with the Quality and Brand of your Choice.

precision high pressure adjustable relief valves

Precision High Pressure adjustable relief valves are designed to protect against over-pressure of gas and liquids. These proportional relief valves are designed to open gradually as the pressure increases. They do not have a capacity rating at given pressure increases, and therefore these relief valves are not certified to ASME code requirements.

  • Set Pressure from 1,000 PSI to 20,000 PSI
  • Temperature Ratings: -40°F to 300°F (-40°C to 150°C)
  • Inlet Connection – 1/4” FNPT (10RV) and 1/4” HPF (20RV) are standard. Other connection sizes and types are available by request.
  • Outlet Connection – 1/4” Female NPT
  • Field Adjustable
  • Suitable for Gas or Liquid

CHARTS LTD is your Specialist for HighPressure Fittings, Valves and Hoses. We strive to find the highest Quality to keep your People safe and Projects up and going longer. We believe in using USA made as much as we can to be assured the Pressure Ratings and material are true to Specs.  We have over 20yrs of hands-on experience in the industry and using High Quality products have earned our customers confidence. We carry one of the largest inventories in the Permian basin to keep your Jobs going with no delay. We stock various sizes from 20K Medium Pressure, 30K-60K High Pressure, and 10K-15K NPT.

high pressure hoses

We have common sizes ready for pickup or delivery the same day.  We can TEST and CERTIFY your Hoses so they can be up to date and make sure your People and Customers stay SAFE.

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